What is WOD? Workout of the Day baby…

Today I’ve just completed my third CrossFit workout. CrossFit is a fitness company whose strength and conditioning programme includes varied, high intensity, functional movement that ‘will best prepare trainees for any physical contingency — not only for the unknown, but for the unknowable.’

I love it. Makes me feel like I’ve joined the Marines.

Have a look at the following websites for more info on CrossFit:

A brief summary of the previous 2 workouts:

Workout #1 (early last week)

  • 10 Burpee chin ups
  • 800m Cycle
  • 10 Decline push ups

I was so exhausted during this workout I was literally crawling from one workout to the next, sometimes stopping to go into child’s pose… The pain… I was hooked!

Workout #2 (late last week)

  • AMRAP 20 mins (as many rounds as possible):
  • 10 Dead lifts 30kg
  • 10 Chins 19kg assist
  • Rowing (can’t remember how many metres)

This workout didn’t really do it for me… As you can see all 3 exercises require grip strength (mine is pretty lame at the moment) so I looked like an idiot trying to hang onto the equipment with frozen numb forearms… an analogy would be what your thighs are like when you cycle hard then get off the bike to run…). So anyway I didn’t get much of a workout this session so much as I got dead arms…

My husband told me that my grip strength would improve and that I would have awesome forearms, and then looked surprised when I told him that having massive forearms wasn’t really top of my priorities.

When I hear about ‘forearms’, it always makes me think of those fiddler crabs with the one massive claw. Actually no, that’s more like tennis players with the one massive forearm…

Male lemon-yellow clawed fiddler crab (Uca perplexa), waving (Wikipedia)

Male lemon-yellow clawed fiddler crab (Uca perplexa), waving (Wikipedia)

Workout #3 (today):

  • AMRAP 25 mins:
  • Bike 800m
  • Row 500m
  • 10 Push ups
  • 10 Front squats 30kg
  • 10 Dead lifts 30kg

This workout rocked! Still totally buggered afterwards (and during!) but I liked the whole body workout aspect (‘whole body workout… It sounds so 80s gym talk, or like I’m selling an exercise machine on an infomercial).

More to follow… Over and out.

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