Soy milk in pregnancy

Someone mentioned to me that you shouldn’t drink soy milk during pregnancy. How can that be true? Surely pregnant women have been drinking soy milk (and eating soy products) for aeons? Did a Google search – essentially ‘soy wars’ with ‘my friend said this’ and ‘my mother said this’ – so decided instead to have …

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Big weekend of workouts

Well, I finally have enough strength to post an entry about exercise shenanigans over the weekend… Saturday – hard core rain all day. Good day for cross-fit… 5 rounds of… 20 squats 30kg 800m cycle 10 chins 26kg assist 10 decline push ups … in a time of 32 mins 17 secs (approximately) Workout felt …

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Gym workout (WOD) 18/4/2013

AMRAP 20 mins – 800m cycle – 10 decline push ups – 10 undergrip chins (19kg assist) – 10 squats 30kg Aeiya, it was hard hard work today… the chins are killing me! I wish I could be like this chick…


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

My last entry was querying ‘what treatments are effective for carpal tunnel syndrome’. Here’s what the literature says: (1) Non-surgical treatment (other than steroid injections) Ergonomic* positioning & equipment – insufficient evidence.  We all know someone (it may even be you) who uses a ‘special’ keyboard and mouse at work to reduce pressure on wrists – unfortunately …

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Gym workout (WOD) 13/4/2013

20 mins AMRAP: – 9 Thrusters 30kg – 6 Pull ups 19kg assist – 600m cycle Workout was awesome. Unfortunately I suffered a major attack of baby brain and can’t remember how many rounds I did… duh. We recently watched some cross-fit games on YouTube – so I used that as motivation and imagined I …

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Protein & amino acid supplementation in pregnancy

A thousand apologies for the delay in responding to your queries… Better late than never! From 25/2/2013, Sueann queried whether protein powder and glutamine are OK to use in pregnancy as her protein has other ingredients such as leucine and lycine. The issue of protein supplementation was already discussed in another post; let’s look now …

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Carpal tunnel syndrome query

I read this week on a certain website that my fingers, wrists and hands may be feeling ‘achy and numb’ due to swelling of the carpal tunnel in the wrist (actually I’ve been fortunate I haven’t had these symptoms yet). According to said website, the following things will help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Wearing a …

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Diastasis recti (abdominal separation)

The left and right halves of the rectus abdominis muscle are normally joined at the linea alba (which underlies your linea nigra if you’re pregnant). Separation of the rectus abdominis can occur in newborns and pregnant women; I’m going to focus here on the bun-in-the-oven population.  Let’s start with a diagram of our lovely abdominal …

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My abs don’t look normal…

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, honestly it’s taken me this long to recover from 3D Top Gun… You’re probably laughing and going ‘duh, of course your abs don’t look normal – you’re 6 months pregnant’… Before you wonder whether I got my medical degree off the side of a cornflake packet, I do …

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What is WOD? Workout of the Day baby… Today I’ve just completed my third CrossFit workout. CrossFit is a fitness company whose strength and conditioning programme includes varied, high intensity, functional movement that ‘will best prepare trainees for any physical contingency — not only for the unknown, but for the unknowable.’ I love it. Makes …

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