Spit to Manly run

Happy week 23 to the unborn – just one week shy of the 6-month mark, which is pretty hard core (well, for me it is!).  Having some troubles reaching my toes now and am seriously considering getting some of those Forrest Gump velcro shoes. (NB: I just Googled Forrest Gump shoes and it appears they are lace-up, but I’m keeping my last sentence for effect).

Today is the perfect day… seriously. Slept in until 08:00hrs (which is like midday for other people), ate (fast becoming my favourite activity), then ran the Spit to Manly trail with hubbie.  You can see the trail map here – it’s a seriously gorgeous trail and the scenery magnifique.

The weather today was a perfect 23 degrees C, with a light breeze. The only bad thing run-wise was all the insensitive people who were having BBQs today… It was like torture running past them, smelling the food. I kept hatching plans to get (steal) some… All of which were overridden by the pain in my body, probably because my body was still broken from my first (modified) cross fit workout the day before yesterday (I’ve been meaning to do a post about that but until now my arms have been numb).

Anyway, Spit to Manly is about 9km and here’s how we went today (I kept forgetting to pause my Endomondo so some of my slow bits are actually stopping to take a photo, shaking sand out of my shoes, or – yep you guessed it – going for a pee):

image image

image image

Bottom left screen you can see the visual representation of lap times, hello again Mr Tortoise, and on the bottom right screen visual representation of my speed… I know… it looks slow. Sigh.  I hate it when you do a run, look at your Endomondo history, and think ‘geez that run didn’t look very long…)

Anyway, what’s better than a day that has a sleep in, food, and trail running. A DAY THAT ENDS WITH TOP GUN 3D AT IMAX THAT’S WHAT!!

I hope, dearest readers, that you will indulge me and keep reading my blog… Please don’t hold the fact that I have an unhealthy love of Top Gun against me. I’m dragging my hub and bub to this tonight, and words cannot express my excitement (although considering I just did a whole sentence in capitals, which was essentially me shouting, I think you get the drift…).

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