Long time no post!

Solly aaah* for the long delay since my last post… last week at work was brutal.

* Cantonese for ‘sorry’

I was forced to have a lunch date with my hubbie on Sunday and then fall with him into an embrace-coma on the greenery under the Sydney Harbour Bridge… this city is beautiful, can’t complain!

Anyway, I haven’t been idle since I last wrote… I’ve been working out every 2-3 days: running, gym, eating…

What’s weird is that I was previously slowing down a lot with my running (not intentionally, but just felt more shortness of breath, more easily) but in the last week I have been POWERING THROUGH – yee haa!

I vaguely remember something about your lungs being crushed during pregnancy (along with bowels, other internal organs, and your self-esteem in general), but that your lungs somehow perform better because they increase in efficiency? Does that sound right? Or is this pregnancy babble?

Let’s find out…

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