Spit to Manly run

Happy week 23 to the unborn – just one week shy of the 6-month mark, which is pretty hard core (well, for me it is!).  Having some troubles reaching my toes now and am seriously considering getting some of those Forrest Gump velcro shoes. (NB: I just Googled Forrest Gump shoes and it appears they are …

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Thigh numbness diagnosed!

Meralgia paraesthetica. Yes, the chosen name for our baby. Psych! The lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh (also known as the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve) sometimes gets entrapped or compressed between the upper front hip bone and the inguinal ligament (one of the hip ligaments). Causes may include: obesity, pregnancy, ascites (fluid in the abdomen), tight …

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Good week of workouts… with a new symptom…

This week has been a good one for workouts… Mon – Thur have involved gymming and running on alternative days. Put my weights up for squats but I’m noticing I have to stand with feet wider now, otherwise the belly hits the thighs… Running is becoming a bit of a problem with the whole toilet …

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Runner’s high

The famed ‘runner’s high’ can create a variety of feelings – euphoria, happiness, relaxation, the list goes on. It is thought to occur when you engage in strenuous activity that takes you over a threshold that stimulates production of certain chemicals in your brain. What’s the point of the runner’s high?  Well, there are varying …

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Road run with hubbie

Somehow persuaded hubbie to do a road run today (he hates road running). Actually, it wasn’t that hard… sun was shining, breeze was blowing… Running utopia really. Here is our run as tracked on Endomondo:      Pace was a bit slow but the run was pretty chilled and yay, only needed one toilet break. Had …

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Barefoot running

Ran the 5km from work back home this evening. A bit lacking in energy because I didn’t hang around at work for another snack, but then again I was itching to get out.  Actually, I’m finding these days that I am more uncomfortable just walking and sitting than when I run / gym / cycle, …

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Respiratory efficiency in pregnancy

I queried in my last post whether respiratory efficiency increased during pregnancy. We seem to love studying our furry friends before studying humans… one study looked at the shrew Crocidura russula monacha… so cute! I digress.. anyway the study found that during pregnancy and lactation, the heart mass is increased while the lung mass is decreased, and there …

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Long time no post!

Solly aaah* for the long delay since my last post… last week at work was brutal. * Cantonese for ‘sorry’ I was forced to have a lunch date with my hubbie on Sunday and then fall with him into an embrace-coma on the greenery under the Sydney Harbour Bridge… this city is beautiful, can’t complain! Anyway, …

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