Road run 10km… well, actually 9km…

Well, it was meant to be a 10km road run… but I got hungry. Seriously. So I lost the will to go on…

The first 8km were nice and easy, then hunger struck… did a lame not-even-power walk for a little bit, then realised the quicker I got home the quicker I could eat, so ran the last 1km.

New discovery – how nice people are to you (sometimes!) when you’re pregnant. Was busting for the loo when I ran past one of the five-star hotels and asked the doorman where the loo was. He not only showed me to the lovely loos, but offered me a bottle of water as well. Rock on! Will have to play the ‘poor me, I’m pregnant’ card more often.

I’m now enjoying my post-run rehydration drink – few pinches of salt, about 2 shot glasses worth of pomegranate juice, with the rest of the tall glass filled with soda water. So refreshing. Sometimes I have the drink (without the salt) and close my eyes really hard and pretend it’s an alcoholic beverage. I’m getting so good I can almost fool myself, haha.

By the way when I got home and undressed, I had a complete meltdown when I saw I had ‘stretch marks’ all over my chest.


Then I realised that they were just imprints from my sports bra… Duh.

So I thought we could look at stretch marks next (as in, review the topic, not actually look at someone’s stretch marks…)

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