Morphologically magnificent… and male!

Just had the 18-20 week scan for ‘unborn’ – all major organ systems seem to be normal (which is most important)… and it seems we’re having a little Mister!

Husband: “Wow! Look how large his ‘organs’ are!”
Radiographer: “They all look like that.”
Husband: “No, they’re really big!”
Radiographer: wears a slightly resigned expression.

The wise words of one of our mates sprung to mind: “if you have a boy you only have to worry about one penis; if you have a girl, you have to worry about a whole world of penises.”

Wise words indeed.

Regardless, we’re most thrilled he’s ‘morphologically normal’… and now we can ask my Mum to stop buying pink*

* Nevertheless we’re very grateful Mum that you planned to cover all bases by buying baby clothes in both pink AND blue πŸ™‚

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