Death by gym

Back from the gym… actually back some time ago but I’m only now just able to lift my arms to type. As it is I’m leaning on my desk in a very non-ergonomically-correct posture.

As I mentioned in a recent post, I was feeling lethargic from a lack of proper exercise, so fortified by my morning macchiato and a banana, headed off to the gym gung-ho to reclaim my fitness.

Workout itself was great:

  • 10 mins insane rowing;
  • 10 mins energetic elliptical cross-trainer (where I successfully challenged and beat the 70yo guy on the machine next to me);
  • 10 mins upright bike;
  • 10 mins jogging on treadmill, incline 3 (fading fast by this point, looking vaguely like Forrest Gump just before he dramatically breaks free of his leg braces).

Mini-circuit of:

  • Legs – squats, lunges, dead-lifts;
  • Upper body – heaves, chins (looking very girly by this point… Linda Hamilton but a distant memory);
  • Abs – planks (what a joke).

Dragged myself home by my nostrils hairs (I have no idea where that saying is from, but it’s stuck in my head from school days…) and collapsed (standing up) in the shower. So I guess it wasn’t really a collapse… more of an upright coma.

Anyway, post snack and rehydration feeling pretty good. Fully expecting a deadly attack of DOMS tomorrow…

PS: a friend of mine gave feedback that a significant proportion of my posts talk about health/ fitness/ exercise and forget to mention pregnancy. Just wanted to say I am still pregnant and we have our 20 week ultrasound this afternoon. So fingers crossed all is well, and I guess we’ll find out whether it is a Mr or a Little Miss… stay tuned!

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