Aeiya, feeling lethargic

What is ‘aeiya’ you say? It is a word (? noise) commonly used in Asian languages (are you even allowed to say that now? Is it being lacist? If you don’t know what I mean, watch ‘The Dictator”).  Anyway, ‘aeiya’ (usually said ‘aeiyaaaaaaa’) means a whole variety of things, for instance:

  • Oh my goodness
  • What?
  • No!
  • And a whole lot of words that fit nicely into the category ‘profanity’

Just for ‘proper’ research, I Googled it…  Urban dictionary definitions of ‘aeiya’ (they spell it ‘aiya’) are pretty accurate (apart from number 5… and I had to look up the meaning of ‘dasypygal’)…

Apparently it is also quite a common girls name… No offence to the Aeiya’s out there, but not one I’ll likely be using…! If you got mad with your kid, it would be ‘Aeiya Aeiya’. I’m laughing my ass off. To myself.

Anyway… in this case, it is really an ‘Oh dear…’. I’ve just arrived back home after a 5-day work trip. I won’t say to where, but it was a 15 hour flight each way, and given the high crime rate there, it wasn’t really a place where you can go running outside. Unless you want to die. So I used the hotel ‘gym’ each day (I use the word gym veeeery loosely). It had one treadmill that worked (yay!), a (broken) rowing machine (great to hang your towel off), and the first model EVER of upright stationary bike:


OK maybe a slight exaggeration on my part…

So I feel my workouts for the past week have been lacking a bit… but I’m totes ready to get back into it again and, as Arnie so famously says, ‘have the feeling of the coming’. Those who have watched Pumping Iron will know what I mean.

Cover of "Pumping Iron (25th Anniversary ...

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