Today’s walk… Less tortoise

Went for another walk today – faster pace, longer duration. Moderate exertion throughout, except for a couple of hills where my exertion went up.

The 3rd ‘tortoise’ km was when I stopped to withdraw cash and forgot to pause Endomondo…

Note to self – apart from taking water, and finding places I can take loo breaks, need to start taking snacks too. Had a reasonable snack about an hour before I went but 45 minutes in I was starving, and consequently feeling less energetic / more tired. I passed these tourists on the Harbour Bridge who were eating hot chips (HOW INSENSITIVE TO DO THAT IN PUBLIC!) and I seriously considered stopping to ask for one (or just hijacking their whole box). Sigh.

Anyway, I’m post-walk, well-hydrated and fed, and feeling fine.

Noticed today I’m not my usual agile self – tripped a few times (and couldn’t blame it on fatigue).

Also discovered a new setting on Endomondo – you can measure the number of steps taken (only in certain modes). My mother would be proud, she’s a big pedometer fan. Anyway, did over 10,000 steps. I vaguely remember something about doing more than 10,000 steps per day… Turns out the World Health Organisation (WHO), US Centre for Disease Control (CDC), US Surgeon General, American Heart Foundation, US Department of Health & Human Services, and the National Heart Foundation of Australia all recommend individuals take 10,000 steps a day to improve their health and reduce the risk of disease. Check out “1000 Steps Australia” for more information.



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