Comment on stretch marks… (insert incredulous emoticon here)

Just following on from the previous post on stretch marks in pregnancy, I saw this ‘query’ on a website. I have to include it because the guy is obviously a top-class-guy-you-dream-about-marrying kinda dude… “My wife got pregnant with our first one two years ago and got the most disgusting stretch marks as a result. She …

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Stretch marks in pregnancy (striae gravidarum)

It’s assumed that all you want when you’re a pregnant lady is a healthy happy child, and of course, world peace. In fact it seems rather taboo to mention any ‘cosmetic concerns’. But let’s face it, carrying an extra XX kilos, being sleep-deprived, and feeling like a Jersey cow would be worse if you were crisscrossed with …

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Morphologically magnificent… and male!

Just had the 18-20 week scan for ‘unborn’ – all major organ systems seem to be normal (which is most important)… and it seems we’re having a little Mister! Husband: “Wow! Look how large his ‘organs’ are!” Radiographer: “They all look like that.” Husband: “No, they’re really big!” Radiographer: wears a slightly resigned expression. The …

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“Is protein powder OK to use during pregnancy?”

Let’s look at the exciting world of protein supplementation in pregnancy! Someone thought to look at whether your protein intake during pregnancy would affect postpartum weight. They calculated ‘normal’ postpartum weight loss at approximately 0.5kg per month, and found that by ensuring ‘adequate’ protein intake (≥1.2g protein per kg body weight), a woman would lose an …

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Query re: protein powder & supplements during pregnancy

Thank you to Sueann for the following comment/ query: “So is protein powder and glutamine powder use ok in pregnancy? My protein has a lot of other ingredients such as leucine and lysis etc and I hate the thought of stopping my post workout protein completely“. Good question! Let’s have a look-see at the evidence…


Road run 10km… well, actually 9km…

Well, it was meant to be a 10km road run… but I got hungry. Seriously. So I lost the will to go on… The first 8km were nice and easy, then hunger struck… did a lame not-even-power walk for a little bit, then realised the quicker I got home the quicker I could eat, so …

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Death by gym

Back from the gym… actually back some time ago but I’m only now just able to lift my arms to type. As it is I’m leaning on my desk in a very non-ergonomically-correct posture. As I mentioned in a recent post, I was feeling lethargic from a lack of proper exercise, so fortified by my morning …

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I heart eggs

So what’s the deal with eggs…? They were in favour, out of favour, are they in again? Egg yolks contain cholesterol, so it was thought that eating them would increase cholesterol-related illnesses (eg. heart attacks, strokes). One study from 2002 (with the tagline “Eggs Are Nearly As Bad For Your Health As Cigarettes”) looked at …

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Aeiya, feeling lethargic

What is ‘aeiya’ you say? It is a word (? noise) commonly used in Asian languages (are you even allowed to say that now? Is it being lacist? If you don’t know what I mean, watch ‘The Dictator”).  Anyway, ‘aeiya’ (usually said ‘aeiyaaaaaaa’) means a whole variety of things, for instance: Oh my goodness What? …

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Arrr, me back is aching

(Title of this post to be said like a pirate). This is not a new complaint for me… I’ve have on-off back pain since my early teens. Mostly mechanical in nature, worsening after sports and bending over. My dear parents carted me off for X-rays and we found that I had (have) sacralisation of the lumbar …

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