Today’s run… Should I have stretched?

Well, there were perfect running conditions today – a bit overcast, nice breeze…

Had an awesome 10km run – finished in 60 mins flat – not too speedy, but not too shabby either.

Got my first (point at my belly) “Look she’s crazy running while pregnant” from two grossly obese tourists. I would have stopped to lecture them on the medical dangers of morbid obesity, but knew that if I stopped running, I might not start up again!

Anyway, pre-run:
1 double espresso with soy milk
1 very small bowl of oats & trail mix (was starving this morning and wouldn’t have made it far without some food)
1 tall glass water

The run was smooth as silk (sorry Thai airways to steal your tag line), a bit tight in the hip flexors but that seems pretty constant despite lots of stretching (yoga however, does the trick).

Unfortunately now as I sit down to type this post, I think I have somehow molded and fused to this chair. I may never move again.

Which brings me to think about the whole stretching thing. I don’t stretch before I exercise (usually) and to be honest, I’m a bit lazy with the whole stretching routine afterwards, although I may have a good stretch later in the day.

Is stretching really indicated? How should it be done? Is it best done with body warm/ cold? Does it really reduce injury?

More to follow…

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