Am I becoming a fattie? Or is this normal?

This entry was precipitated by the fact that I’m only just heading into the 2nd trimester, and I seem to have gained nearly 3kg.

I can’t remember where I read it, but saw somewhere that ‘you shouldn’t be gaining any weight in the 1st trimester, and in fact lots of women lose weight due to morning sickness, etc’… I think I also read in another book ‘by this stage your body weight should remain similar to pre-pregnancy values and you may be able to detect a hint of swelling in your lower abdomen’. I think that book ended up across the other side of the room with me shrieking ‘that book is such a (expletive) liar!!’.

While I don’t envy those with morning sickness, and am eternally grateful that I haven’t had any nausea (well, the very occasional wave here and there), it started me wondering if I’m already ‘gaining too much weight’?

I should note here that even though I’m interested in keeping fit during pregnancy, I am in no way wanting to diet / keep my body weight ‘down’ as the bub’s health is my number one priority.

So what are ‘normal’ weight changes during pregnancy?

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