I heart coffee

From my entries thus far, it seems I start most days with a coffee.

I used to be a permanently caffeinated kind of girl:

  • Double shot espresso before work
  • Double tea bag black tea at work (usually twice before lunch)
  • Medium sized bottle of diet coke after lunch (I like the bubbles….)
  • Depending on how I feel, maybe another tea in the afternoon

Ok, that’s the first time I’ve actually documented that. Holy crap, that’s nearly 10 caffeine serves a day….

Have no fear, in the months leading up to pregnancy, I’ve only had my one coffee in the morning, and maybe another tea in the afternoon (single tea bag!) and since confirmed pregnancy, only the one coffee.

So let’s look at caffeine – effects on fertility, conception, pregnancy, breast-feeding… What’s the evidence (and what’s BS)…

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