Yoga (with mods)

I’ve been neglecting to mention my yoga!

May I start this post by clearly stating that I am no yogi and to be honest, I started doing yoga to counteract all the muscle tightness from running/ weights etc.

I first got a taste of yoga when I was teaching BodyBalance, and the first yoga programme I tried was P90X Yoga (and nearly died trying!). Since then I’ve tried an assortment of yoga, including yoga with Shiva Rea, and various other yoga practitioners (and even the odd ‘celebrity’ yoga programme). Whatever works.

I generally practice yoga at home (not that I’m adverse to yoga classes; sometimes the timings are too hard to coordinate with work committments).

So, back to yoga yesterday morning at 09:00:


  • 1 orange
  • 1 large square wholemeal Saladas (4 small squares)
  • 1 double shot espresso with skim milk

(I know you are not meant to eat/ drink prior to yoga but seriously without sustenance I would have face-planted during downward dog).

Did the complete P90X yoga track. I’m not going to report the workout step-by-step, but will make a few comments regarding some modifications I made.

  • It starts with Vinyasa yoga. Modification: not lying on stomach during cobra/ upward dog.
  • Standing & balance poses: people are always harping on about loss of balance in pregnancy. So far so good, no issues. But then again I’m not exactly ‘advanced pregnancy’. I also believe that my other training & running are keeping me agile.
  • Twists & back work: no deep twists, and open twists (rather than twisting into the body). No full bridge.
  • Finish with Shavasana (corpse pose): I’m currently only 12+ weeks, so no issues yet with lying flat on my back.

Overall, no ligamentous laxity that is meant to come with pregnancy; I’m still as inflexible as hell (I’m sure due to my muscles, not ligaments!).

But the yoga was wonderful and all my neck/ back pain and tight hips have gone!

I am in no way qualified to discuss the intricacies of yoga modifications in pregnancy, so I’ll leave it to the experts (of course I can’t vouch for their qualifications either! But it makes for interesting reading):

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