Does pregnancy = overheating?

As I was typing up my last entry, I realised that I was still feeling very hot during and post-run yesterday, even though it was early morning/ I was well-hydrated / it was overcast.

Which begs the question: are there any differences with thermoregulation (control of your body temperature) during pregnancy?

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  1. I think, that thermoregulation in pregnancy is definitely affected. It mainly correlates with not being able to recognise early enough, that the body might be reaching point of overheating. Such effect can put baby in a risk of overheating…and risk of fainting for a mother to be. The solution is, in my opinion, to dress light when exercising, run in cooler times of the day, keep hydrated and the most, slow down to just enjoyable level of exertion (this is of course individual perception, which correlate closely with the female fitness).
    Physiologically, female body in pregnancy has higher body temperature due to effect of progesterone. The increase is about 0,5 C. Therefore longer feeling of being hot can correlate with this increase.

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