Walking / Trail running

OK, a very brief entry to document my last two workouts.

The first was a 6km walk near home. I know… barely a workout…

The second was a trail run in Canberra (I was staying with my mother-in-law, or in Cantonese “Lai Lai”). The trail run was great; the fact that I was wearing my trusty zero drop road running shoes was not. So really it was a run on rocks…

Normally I would not include ‘uninspiring’ workouts, but hubbie pointed out that I can’t give the impression that I am Superwoman, and that I should remind people I do more ‘gentle’ workouts (ie. the 6km walk).

Personally I am flattered by my husband’s comments, but also consider him slightly delusional if he thinks my workouts are Superwoman-esque.

superwoman Ref ? (apologies to the original source)

I have to include this pic because the outfit is totally awesome (as is her muscle definition).  Here’s further reading if you are having a really quiet day and want to know more about Superwoman

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