Gym today

Today’s workout @ 06:30hrs

Pre workout:
1 large glass water
1 double macchiato with soy milk
4 small squares wholemeal Saladas

10 mins elliptical cross trainer, resistance 8, fast reps
10 mins rower, resistance 10, fast reps
10 mins upright stationary bike, resistance 13, fast cadence

10 underhand chins, 20+kg assistance
10 regular push ups, on feet
20 squats, 20kg

10 overhand heaves, 26kg assistance
10 regular push ups, on feet
10 lunges each leg, 20kg

7 underhand chins, 19kg assistance (unintentional! Didn’t check the weight before starting)
7 tricep push-ups on feet, 3 regular push-ups on feet
20 Romanian dead lifts, 20kg

10 overhand heaves, 26 kg assistance
10 regular push ups, on feet
20 squats, 20 kg

Stretching 10-15 mins

Felt ill until had a snack!

Post workout: half an orange, delicious smoothie made by hubbie (protein powder, active greens, fresh fruit, LSA mix, stabilised wheat germ, glutamate powder, plain yoghurt, water)

Thinking I should start mixing up the gym workouts a bit. Even though I’m still getting a reasonable workout, body is getting a bit too ‘comfortable’

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  1. So is protein powder and glutamine powder use ok in pregnancy? My protein has a lot of other ingredients such as leucine and lysis etc and I hate the thought of stopping my post workout protein completely

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