Urinary frequency during pregnancy

Frequent urination is one of the earliest pregnancy symptoms to appear, usually around the time you discover you’re pregnant, or at around 6 weeks. Some reasons why you’re running for the loo every 5 minutes: 1. Hormonal changes: we blame hormones for everything else, why not frequent urination as well? Pregnancy hormones cause your blood …

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Stretching guidelines

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) released stretching guidelines in 2002, which state: – With a static stretch, the position in which a slight stretch is felt should be held 15-30 seconds, and each stretch should be repeated 3-5 times on each side of the body; – You can also perform dynamic (or active) …

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Running… And peeing!

Something I forgot to mention from the last run… This was the 2nd time I’ve had to find a loo mid-run (special thanks to the sports centre lady who let me use their toilets… I think the expression on my face kinda gave away my extreme discomfort). It’s well known we all pee more frequently …

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Today’s run… Should I have stretched?

Well, there were perfect running conditions today – a bit overcast, nice breeze… Had an awesome 10km run – finished in 60 mins flat – not too speedy, but not too shabby either. Got my first (point at my belly) “Look she’s crazy running while pregnant” from two grossly obese tourists. I would have stopped …

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Placental abruption

My previous query looked at the safety of strength training during pregnancy, specifically whether it causes the placenta to separate from the wall of the womb (also known as placental abruption, or abruptio placentae, because medial conditions always sound way more dramatic when they’re in Latin). Placental abruption means the placenta has detached (come away) …

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Is weight training safe in pregnancy?

So are there any dangers associated with doing squats and lunges during pregnancy? The ACOG advises on ‘Absolute Contraindications to Exercise During Pregnancy‘: – Hemodynamically significant heart disease – Restrictive lung disease – Incompetent cervix/cerclage – Multiple gestation at risk for premature labor – Persistent second- or third-trimester bleeding – Placenta previa after 26 weeks …

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Gym – should I be squatting & lunging?

Today’s workout: Pre workout: Single shot expresso with soy milk Half a pear Cardio: 10 mins elliptical cross trainer, resistance 8 10 mins rower machine, resistance 10 10 mins stationary upright bike, resistance 12 Strength: Underhand chin ups, 26kg assist, 10 reps 10 push-ups on feet 20 squats 30kg Overhand heaves, 26kg assist, 10 reps …

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Weight gain in pregnancy

A bit of history… Before the 1970s, severe dietary restriction was a common obstetrical practice; it was believed that excessive weight gain caused a wide range of obstetric problems. In the 1930s, all pregnant women, irrespective of pre-gravid (pre-pregnancy) weight status, were advised to gain 15 pounds (6.8 kg). Yikes! Luckily things changed when studies …

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Am I becoming a fattie? Or is this normal?

This entry was precipitated by the fact that I’m only just heading into the 2nd trimester, and I seem to have gained nearly 3kg. I can’t remember where I read it, but saw somewhere that ‘you shouldn’t be gaining any weight in the 1st trimester, and in fact lots of women lose weight due to …

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Maternal dehydration

I seem to have mentioned in a couple of entries how easily I’m feeling thirsty when exercising. As we know, this is a symptom of dehydration – I meant to address the topic of maternal dehydration some time ago, but at the time got distracted by the whole Pelvic Girdle Pain issue instead… My previous …

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