Day 3 post run

Well I’m day three post run and I’m hurting a lot less. I’ll be honest with you, I woke up bright and early all prepared to hit the gym. Dearest husband (in all his wisdom) asked ‘considering you couldn’t walk yesterday, is that the best thing to do?’. Now when I think about it, I …

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Pubic symphysis dysfunction… the fallout

Anyway, I had a sleepless night… Turns out you use your pelvis and legs a hellava lot to turn in bed, get up to go to the loo 654,763 times (exaggerate? Me? Never!), wrestle husband for the blankets when he comes to bed late after watching two straight seasons of Breaking Bad, no doubt dreaming …

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Pelvic pain in pregnancy – PSD/PGP

The causes of pelvic pain in pregnancy are many and varied, but here I’m going to concentrate on a cause of pelvic pain not uncommonly associated specifically with pregnancy: Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP), or Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). The pubic symphysis or symphysis pubis is a structure made of cartilage which connects the left and …

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Running… and pain!

Well, it was a gorgeous day the other day and hubbie was slow getting out of bed… Time for a run! To be honest I haven’t been for a ‘proper’ run for a whole week. I’ll take it easy, it will be great….. Turns out the run was great. I did a well-worn route and …

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Can push-ups preserve the perkiness of your puppies?

Alliteration anyone? From the above picture of the humble breast, you can see that the breast is mostly composed of fatty tissue (7) and lobules (3), and is supported by the pectoral muscles (2) (thanks Wikipedia for the image). You cannot ‘strengthen’ fat – so no exercise is going to make the breast itself firmer. Muscle on …

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Push-ups… Woah… What are they good for?

(You were meant to sing the title of this entry to Edwin Starr’s “War” – check out the 1969 video here). So to get back into strength training at the gym, I’m focusing on compound exercises (those that use multiple muscle groups – like chin ups, push ups, squats) rather than isolated muscle group exercises …

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Benefits of cross-training (the list goes on…)

I didn’t feel like I’d covered the issue of cross-training enough, so here’s more! Apart from being used by us plebs, it’s commonly used by the military and sporting professionals. As you can see, the benefits associated with cross-training are numerous and varied: It helps with: 1. Injury prevention, with injuries more commonly due to …

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Benefits of cross-training

What are the benefits of mixing it up, or cross-training? In the previous example, I was splitting 30 mins cardio into 3 x 10 min sessions on different machines. Well, even without any scientific background, some thoughts come to mind: 1. The 30 mins goes by really quickly 2. It’s easier to work harder at …

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Mixing it up at the gym

Off to the gym today! Shamefully I admit that I haven’t been working out as much as I used to because (a) I had an irrational fear that the exercise would shake loose our little foetus, and (2) I keep hearing my obstetrician’s words thundering in my head… “for a woman of your age, in …

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Let the games begin!

Well, I’m 8+3* weeks into my (our!) pregnancy…. Let the games begin!   (* 8 weeks + 3 days) Why am I writing, and what’s this blog about? Well, I’ve always been a fitness enthusiast… and as much as I was excited to be ‘expecting’ and determined to keep the safety and health of our unborn …

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